Somalia:Journalists cannot report rape cases

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    Somalia:Journalists cannot report rape cases

    Independent media raise concerns that because of fear, they cannot interview women who have been regularly raped soldiers and government officials, and Al Shabab as well, after a number of journalists were punished badly and some of them killed while

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Independent media raise concerns that because of fear, they cannot interview women who have been regularly raped soldiers and government officials, and Al Shabab as well, after a number of journalists were punished badly and some of them killed while their work stations have been looted.

Owner of Shabelle media Abdimalik Yusuf told Media that he faced loss and punishment because of radio interview his station aired about a woman who said she has been raped.

"Every day we meet raped women but we cannot talk about them because we remember what we’ve faced from the Somali government” said Mr Yusuf.

Al Shabab terrorist group officials raped 2008 Aisha Ibrahim Duhulow in Kismayo while she was 13 years old.

Aisha told us that she was raped.  She also filed lawsuit at Al Shabab court but was captured and stoned to death while she was yelling "don’t kill me; I’m the victim you raped”.

Four days after killing of Aisha, the terrorists also killed the journalist who interviewed her.

Even though Aisha’s family were given asylum by the Swedish government, the painful killing of that young lady were reported by some mainstream media.

Independent wrote this heading  'Don't kill me,' she screamed. Then they stoned her to death. news/world/africa/dont-kill- me-she-screamed-then-they- stoned-her-to-death-1003462. html

This is the the Guardian report "Somalian rape victim, 13, stoned to death” world/2008/nov/03/somalia- rape-amnesty

BBC World chooses this heading "Stoning victim 'begged for mercy'

Abdiaziz Abdinur Ibrahim has been arrested together with a rape victim he interviewed who reported that somali military have raped her.  Al Jazeera reported that story.

 "Somali journalist charged over rape report”

This is Guradian’s report  "Somali journalist arrested after interviewing rape victim media/greenslade/2013/jan/16/ press-freedom-somalia

Somalia Sentences Woman, Journalists for Reporting Rape somalia-sentences-woman- journalists-reporting-rape-4/

The same year, 2013, journalist Mohamed Bashir Hashi was arrested together with a female journalist who said she was raped by Somali Intelligence officials.  Al Jazeera reported their case  "Somali radio director arrested over rape case” news/africa/2013/11/somali- radio-director-arrested-over- rape-case-2013112544618304277. html

Committee to protect journalists raised his case "Somali journalists arrested after airing rape allegations”

Hani Abdullahi who was the wife of the minister of information as confirmed by ministry employees said she had impregnated by the minister, but he forced her to abort the pregnancy, which she attributed to his fear of his elder wife who lives in UK.

The journalist who filmed Hani is hiding and cannot go to Mogadishu because of fear of his life.

The information minister became so annoyed over the video which has been posted, and he resorted to attack Mr Dahir Alasow.  He wrote to web hosting service but did not succeed to shut down the website.

Investigative journalist Dahir Alasow went to court against Somalia’s information minister Mr Abdirahman Omar Osman on 31 August 2017, and filed court injunction, but Mr Osman immediately filed counter claim, and asked the court in Amsterdam to transfer the case to Somalia.  This was seen as a threat to death as the justice in Somalia is in the hand of anyone with power or money.

"Kort geding Bredase journalist tegen Somalische minister” Breda Vandaag.

14 September 2017, an order from the court of Amsterdam cancelled both cases of Dahir Alasow and Minister Abdirahman Osman.

Minister Osman accused Mr Alasow of dissemination of a woman who claimed to have been the mother of his baby boy.  She also says he mistreated her.

Even 2007 Al Shabab issued a ransom of 3 Million dollars on Alasow’s head, yet documents found at the house of the late emir of the terror group in Mogadishu Mr Ali Jabal show a list of journalists sentenced to death.  Number 1 person of the journalists sentenced was Mr Alasow, whose family members were even sentenced to death.

Most of these journalists in the list were killed by Al-Shabab.

Head of Al Shabab propaganda Fuad Shongole, a Swedish Somali, accused Mr Alasow of being a CIA spy, and described him a man who is targeting AL-Shabab’s source of income.

Dahabshiil Money Transfer Company and heads of Somali government are joining their forces to silence Alasow.  They were accused to battering him a barrage of character assassination activities, such as branding him as black mailer.

Mr Alasow’s Lawyer, Peter Schouten, said in his twitter  "I wonder why a African journalist like Dahir Alasow is scrutinized so much more than a white journalist”.

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Somali President Mohamed Abdullahi Farmajo appointed Norwegian Somali, Hassan Ali Khaire, to become as Prime minister, while he was accused to have been Al Shabab financier.  Many people were shocked that the president has appointed former Al Shabab killing squad (amniyat) commander Zakaria Hersi to be director of national intelligence.

Al-Shabab militant Zakariya Ahmed Ismail Hersi 'surrenders'

Somali defector: Why I left al-Shabab

Somalia welcomes US decision to remove former al-Shabaab Intelligence Chief from terror list

Below are excerpts of what lawyer Peter Schouten posted into his twitter account.

-Journalist Dahir Alasow is sure: Somali Minister Osman presents false evidence to Dutch Court (screenshots annex 10 are fabricated).

- Journalist Alasow twijfelt niet: Somali Minister Osman presenteert vals bewijs aan Rechtbank Amsterdam (gefabriceerde facebook screenshots).

- In Somalia critical journalists like Dahir Alasow are or shot dead or their reputation is killed by forged documents and false allegations.

-In Somalie worden kritische journalisten of doodgeschoten of hun reputatie wordt afgebroken met nepbewijs en valse beschuldigingen.

-Dahir Alasow asked me to inform IFJ & Reporters without Borders and request them to start a full investigation: Stop defaming journalists.

-Dahir Alasow heeft mij gevraagd de IFJ en Reporters without Borders in te lichten en te verzoeken een compleet onderzoek te starten.

-Minister Osman liet de Rechtbank Amsterdam weten dat journalist Omar Faruk Osman niet deugt. De IFJ steunt hem.

-Journalist sues Somalian Minister who accuses him of being a blackmailer after he publishes critical  press about him.  AmsterdamCourt 14:00

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